Over the years we have been taught to give up our power.

The Empowered Woman has been trained out of us.

The truth is, you are incredibly powerful.

Probably more powerful than you even know.

And you can become an Empowered Woman again, no matter how long it has been.

The force of the Empowered Woman, our feminine power, has the ability to give you everything you ever wanted and more – the soul mate of your dreams, genuine intimacy, an all-consuming joy, a substantial income from meaningful contribution, ever-flowing, creativity, and TRUE freedom.

But this power doesn’t just have the capacity to transform your life.

Our feminine power has the ability to change our world for the better.

How do I know this? I work with women every day. I help them step into their power, and then I observe how they become free and their world fills with possibilities and magic for them and those around them.

When we are 100% in our power, compassionate and strong, loving yet honest, giving, yet respectful of our boundaries, we are unstoppable.

We are balanced. We are aligned.

We live life with a sense of ease and peace.

Our energy radiates like a beacon of hope.

It attracts the magic this life has to offer.

This is when we are at our best.

This is when we are what I call, an Empowered Woman.

Believe it or not, this is our natural state.

So why doesn’t it feel natural?

Why is stepping into your power so tricky?

To be an Empowered Woman, we must be in full acceptance and know all parts of ourselves. (We must be in balance with our “Good Girl” and our “Wild Woman.”)

This is the problem: we have made the Wild Woman the villain in our story. We have let go of our Wild Woman thinking losing her would make us better wives, friends, and mothers.

We have been scared of our Wild Woman because we learned that she is dangerous.

(Remember: she has literally been burned at the stake.)

We have been taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say, not to say it at all.

We have been taught that to achieve power we must demand it. We must be and act like men in a man’s world.

These are all ways we compensate.

These are also actions that will keep us powerless and always wanting more from work, love, relationships, money and life. In other words, we never feel fully satisfied.

To live life as an Empowered Woman we can’t be terrified of our appetite for life.

We can’t be terrified of ourselves either.

The first step to becoming an Empowered Woman is to know yourself.

Part of knowing yourself is knowing what triggers you and how you respond to the world.

You have want to know where you are out-of-balance.

On this website you will find all the information you need. Plus, if you sign up to take the Empowered Woman Archetype Quiz you will receive additional information that will allow you to instantly understand where you are trapped and how to come back to balance.

Enjoy this journey, it’s a powerful and beautiful one.