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“Working on my Empowered Woman was a non-negotiable of how I wanted to live my life, how I wanted to build my business and how I chose to be a feminine leader and show what’s possible for everyone I work with.”

I wish I knew to connect with my feminine when my business grew the first time. Working with Paula really helped me come back to my heart, to make sure my business was fueling me and to actually understand the dynamics that came with a quick success of business.

In the rapid growth that I had, I experienced things like losing friendships, rocking the boat in family dynamics, even my relationship with my body, as I was now on camera and speaking on stage.

There’s a lot that came with rapid success that I didn’t know how to navigate from an empowered feminine place. I wanted to learn how to stay in my feminine power as I rose in my success and not have to fall into the old masculine ways.

Amanda Daley – Bondi Beach, Australia

“I was ‘sent’ Paula at the perfect time.”

katie-phillipsI specifically desired a coach that could support me with healing my ‘good girl’ and discovering my ‘wild woman’. I knew I needed to empower my feminine nature so that I could take the deepest desires for my personal life and my business to the next level.

Paula provided me with a very safe and confidential space to explore, heal and celebrate. Her intuitive coaching style was incredibly powerful and I always felt that I was being guided by someone that had once been where I was.

Paula is both loving and challenging. I always felt cared for, understood and respected – even when I was at my most resistant!

Katie Phillips

“Now I walk through my day-to-day with so much more confidence and peace instead of the fear and low self worth that used to plague me despite seeming to “have it all” on the outside.”

Kendall Ritz Portraits-042

Working with Paula through her Empowered Woman Mastermind and coaching has been such a gift!  I have worked with Paula for some time, and at first, it was hard for me to “justify” getting coaching other than business or more “practical” coaching- this was very clearly just for me, and it was something I knew I really needed, but the first obstacle I faced was agreeing that I not only needed it, but I also really wanted it for myself, and I deserved it. 

I knew that stepping into a more empowered version of myself would benefit not just me, but my family, my marriage, my business, my friendships- basically, my entire life- but I wanted it for me, and something within me was willing to go for it.  It didn’t make logical sense, but a part of me deep inside knew that if something in my life didn’t change, if I kept doing life the way I always had, there would come a day when I would look back on my life with regret, wondering “what if…what if I had REALLY gone for it for myself?” and it was clear that NOT doing it would be way more costly than making the investment in myself and the life I truly yearned for.

Since that time, I have grown and evolved so much, and as I continue on this journey I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Paula.  I have never experienced a coach like Paula- she has and continues to walk the talk, and to say that this woman cares about her clients is a major understatement.  I have such deep love, admiration, and respect for this woman, and I am so thankful for her ongoing guidance and support- it truly is priceless.

I have reconnected with myself, my desires, and my voice, and I have learned to integrate ALL of me in a way that supports me.  My day-to-day has completely shifted- I used to live my life in total reaction mode, and now I set the tone for everything, whether it’s my family, my relationship with my husband, my friends, my business, or my personal time.  I have given up the guilt around taking care of and honoring myself, and as a result I am happier, MUCH more confident, and just having more fun.  I have given up trying it please everyone else at my own expense, and I am truly excited and thrilled about where I am headed- I couldn’t honestly say that just a short time ago.  This has improved my relationships with my husband and my two daughters, and I feel so much more empowered in my other relationships, whether personal or professional.   My business has been evolving along with me, and I have made major changes which have resulted in me making more money and loving what I do- this is HUGE for me!!

So if you are considering working with Paula, I want you to know that you DO deserve this life-changing experience, you ARE worth the investment, and that everyone in your life, including you, will thank you for it.

Kendall Ritz MD – Pennsylvania

“My life was chaotic and I was at a point where i could no longer bear the chaos, and drama. As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

FullSizeRenderThis is very much how i see my encounter with Paula.

I have made peace with all of me, allowing the light and the dark and in a few months has seen my professional, romantic and social life shift completely.

I have left a toxic relationship, started a meditation practice and host bimonthly moon ceremonies. I feel full from within and know my worth.

I accept all of me and most importantly have learned to be me, not a second version of my mother. I feel grounded now and my connections have transformed.

I have learned new ways of the feminine and have softened, allowing me to be accepting and loving even when i mess up. It’s all good.  Paula walks the talk.

Vanessa Kandiyoti – Brussels

I reconnected with my soul, my body and my feminine at a very deep level. I healed issues with the masculine that didn’t even know they were there.”

I didn’t expect that activating my feminine will lead to effortless results. In the first couple of weeks of the program I made my money back from my coaching investment in an unexpected way.

I also experienced an increase of 45% in my salary at my job. I received five new clients in my coaching business…and that wasn’t even why I signed up to work with Paula. Be prepared to be surprised through Paula’s program.”

Jessica Vazquez – Mexico City, Mexico

“After that first session with Paula I felt immense peace like I’ve never felt before.”

JohaSince the first time I connected with Paula I realized that there was something really powerful about her and I wanted to know how to access that for myself. On our first session she nailed it right in the head, I was amazed at her keen perception. I started talking about my father’s death (he passed when I was 11.) I thought that I was over it, yet I realized how much it was still unresolved within me and how much it was still affecting and stopping me from living my life fully. Also it was blocking intimacy in my relationship with my husband and son. I didn’t realize how much anger I had inside. How much I’ve bottled up throughout the years. How much I’ve been playing the good girl and taking care of everybody and never really allowed myself to feel the loss.

After that first session with Paula I felt immense peace like I’ve never felt before. One of the biggest things I received from this release was the awareness that I’ve been stopping myself from receiving abundance in a big way because that was his story and my way to hold on to him was to create a life like his.

Today I feel so much lighter. I’ve even lost 58 pounds in the past seven months. I have been carrying this weight for most of my life and due to this work, I was able to free myself from this and open myself to receive in bigger ways than I’ve ever imagined.

Johanna Jensen – Guatemala

“On two occasions I came out of our coaching call together, felt completely centered and worthy and closed two high end sales!!”


Paula has been instrumental in the success of my relationship and of my business. She’s taught me how to clearly communicate my needs and desires, awakening my Empowered Woman, a more worthy and wealthy woman within.

Since our work together I’ve ignited greater play and creativity in my life resulting in the fast growth of my business, which recently passed the 6 figure mark.

On two occasions I came of our coaching call together, felt completely centered and worthy and closed two high end sales!!

She’s brought beauty, wealth and wellbeing to me and my brand and for this I’ll always be grateful!

Thank You Paula xx

Grace Kelly – Martina Franca, Italy

“I learned how to weave in my empowered woman when I was involved in masculine pieces with my business or personal life so I no longer lose myself in the process.”

Before I met Paula I was an exhausted and overwhelmed owner and operator of 3 Beauty and Wellness Spas.  I had been so focused on my businesses for the past 5 years that I had been neglecting myself.  My life was passing by and I didn’t want to be missing out on my desires anymore.  I had so much resentment inside of me.

When I met Paula I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her. She showed that she loves herself from the inside out and lovingly expresses the core truth of who she is to the world.  Paula embodies what I believe true beauty is.

During my work with Paula I was able to truly forgive people and experiences from my past.  Most importantly I was able to forgive myself.  I realized that there was still old beliefs and excuses blocking me from moving on and experiencing my life to it’s fullest.  Paula helped me to release these internal blocks so I could move forward and begin to create a life I love.

Working with Paula connected me back to my inner feminine.  I was able to honor my true self first before focusing on or worrying about the masculine pieces. I learned how to weave in the power of my feminine when I was involved in masculine pieces with my business or personal life so I no longer lose myself in the process.  By doing this I was able to achieve some of my deepest desires, like going to Europe for 3 weeks.

Paula’s coaching is very intuitive and nurturing.  She creates a safe and healing space for you to fully allow whatever needs to come out.  I was surprised by some of the things that came out in our sessions together but I’m so glad that they did because I was finally able to free myself and I felt like a huge weight was taken off of my shoulders.   I enjoyed my weekly sessions because I was committed to no longer let my life pass me by. Some weeks I would feel as if I had nothing else that I needed to work on and then during our session Paula was able to feel through my words and I would end up discovering more about myself and releasing another block I hadn’t realized was there.

I would recommend allowing yourself to not hold back in the beginning.  What needs to come out, will end up coming out eventually anyways.  And allow yourself enough time after each of your coaching sessions to have some time to yourself and honor all the work you’ve done.

Sarah MacKenzie – Kelowna, Canada

“From the coaching I have been receiving tons of insight into how to let go of past blocks, how to change the way I think and become the Empowered Woman I was born to be”


I was initially attracted to Paula’s work because it resonated with my recent desire this past fall to understand my feminine power and how to let it come out more into the world. I have been ready to start looking for opportunities that would help me to change so that I could start to truly create a life of my desires. Also, receiving unapologetically felt so new to me, and I was intrigued to learn more.

From the coaching I have been receiving tons of insight into how to let go of past blocks, how to change the way I think, how to simply just be more and trust the world, how to appreciate pleasure and self care without guilt, and to how to start receiving on a new level. In short, how to be the Empowered Woman I was born to be. I feel so many big changes coming and am starting to really receive in a new way. It has been wonderful and I don’t want it to end!

Laurel Gail McCloskey – New Mexico, USA

“In connecting with my empowered woman, I’ve attracted new opportunities like crazy.”

jennifer-b1I’ve connected with my desire to build my brand as a fashion expert and personality. In addition to having a dynamic website, I’d like to get press impressions, contribute as a writer and do television appearances. In connecting with my empowered woman, I’ve attracted new opportunities like crazy. A few of those have been in love and I am focusing on maintaining my feminine energy in dating situations. I’ve allowed men to do the ‘hunting’ and allowed myself to receive. This has opened up an entirely new world for me – sensually and emotionally. In terms of work, I’ve started saying yes to every opportunity that comes my way (and I connect with emotionally). This included a photo shoot for Redbook magazine in their current April issue, SO exciting! I’m continuing to bring balance in my life. I buy flowers every week and it provides me with beauty first thing in the morning. I’ve maintained an exercise and meditation routine as well.

Jennifer Barthole – New York City

Alessandra Da Rocha – Toronto, Canada

“In 15 minutes of guided visualization Paula helped me integrate a disconnect that was happening between my internal sense of power and my core values.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“In 15 minutes of guided visualization Paula helped me integrate a disconnect that was happening between my internal sense of power and my core values. I didn’t realize that it was driving so many unhealthy habits in my life and business, but after the work which was actually fun and pretty easy, I was able to take charge in areas of my life that I had given power away. I sealed up a lot of energy leaks and cut some ties that needed to be cut. I did it from a space of feminine power and not pushing, it was grace filled. The way I am running my business, relationships and self now have completely shifted and I am in deeper alignment, having a more ease filled experience and way happier too!”

Kylie Slavik –  USA

“Through working with Paula, I learned to love and honor ALL of myself and honor the journey that took me to where I am today. That is where the real power is for me – in the honoring.”

I have worked with Paula for over half a year and the coaching I allowed myself to receive by committing to her program has been the best gift I have ever given myself!  I have truly transformed on a very deep and powerful level. The “home base” of who I am has transformed so positively that I see my own potential and the potential for my life as far more exciting and expansive. I no longer get completely stopped by fear and doubt. I actually move THROUGH it.

That touches upon why I chose to work with Paula in the first place. I am and have always been a seeker. I am someone who sees the potential for my life as unlimited when I’m connected to my soul. Finding that soul connection amidst a hectic life and all its demands isn’t always easy. Paula supports you in grounding yourself daily in rituals that help you tap into that unlimited soul spirit that helps you soar. I found that there was a disconnection between what I desired for my life and my career and what was actually manifesting. I felt there was a disconnection between what passions and adventures I fully desired and what I was actually pursuing. I envisioned the “future me” in all her glory, fully self-expressed, and I simply wasn’t sure how to get there. I knew I needed the support of personalized coaching to bridge that gap.

In the past, I’ve enrolled in enlightened workshops and online seminars but that was group-based work that left me frustrated because I craved one-on-one attention and exponential individual growth. I felt like the fiery, creative, passionate little girl within me was screaming, “Pay attention to me! I’ve got loads to say and places to explore and I don’t want to be held back anymore!” It may seem silly to personify that inner voice as my little girl but that is really the powerful work that you tap into with Paula. Allowing my own inner little girl to speak up, be acknowledged and nurtured was probably the most powerful transformation for me.

I realized I was burying my little girl and her desires by serving everyone else’s needs and desires except my own. Before Paula, I wasn’t sure how to even name my true desires or what I truly required to thrive because I had been programmed not to dare. Paula’s work is really based in saying a big “yes” to yourself and loving and honoring who you are now, in this moment. That was an extremely difficult concept for my over-achieving self who spent most of my days losing myself in mastering the masculine energy of completing tasks and  making lists and telling myself I still wasn’t enough, there was still more to do. I was lost in the doing and afraid to just BE. I found that becoming a doing machine was actually stopping me from expanding in a much more powerful way.

Through working with Paula, I learned to love and honor ALL of myself and honor the journey that took me to where I am today. That is where the real power is for me – in the honoring. We women, especially mothers, have a habit of unconsciously repeating the same mantras of “I haven’t done enough” or “I still have to do more” to ourselves without ever honoring who we already are and what we really require. The huge lesson for me was that I required nurturing myself, as well as I was nurturing everyone else around me. I had to learn how to give to myself unapologetically and guilt-free and truly feel the joy of that. Joy is one of the biggest discoveries I have made in working with Paula. Sometimes it is huge and awesome and overflowing from the enormous leap I took on my own behalf and I experience myself as an unstoppable being. Other times, the joy is small and quiet and simply comes from relishing the moment and truly receiving all the goodness that the Universe provides for me in subtle ways.

I appreciate my life in a new way and I see that I am not alone. I am not a one-woman show who needs to do everything without support until she is depleted, exhausted and resentful of those around me. I am clear I CHOSE that way of living and it came easily for me because that is the way it was modeled for me by my mother. I came from “life is hard” and “you’re on your own”. I was exhausted and saddened that that may be the only way there is, but my intuition told me otherwise. She told me there is another way and it requires reaching out and taking a leap of faith that someone will support you in a beautiful way to becoming the best version of yourself you can be. I knew I deserved that. More importantly, I knew my children, especially my daughter, deserved to know that there IS a different model of living – one where the Universe provides for you every step of the way if you keep asking unapologetically for what your heart desires and leaning into the trust and faith that the Universe WILL deliver. That is what saying “yes” to myself and Paula’s coaching has done for me. It has been a beautiful, challenging, eye-opening and enlivening journey well worth taking.

Karin Anglin Clements – Chicago, USA

“I’m now taking more risks and exploring new things, making changes in my day-to-day life that support the Empowered Woman I know I am.”

Anne-DeLagWhen I first met Paula, I wanted the glow that she was radiating, so I started her coaching program; soon I realized Paula’s coaching is not about the outward only, it’s about the inward!

When I started working with her I was in a place of deep self-loathing and doubt; and now I’m happy to say that my attitude has shifted to self love. This happened over the course of Paula’s program, not because of any magic tricks but because of her support, understanding, and unique tools for healing.

It has not been easy at all, but Paula’s array of techniques help me stay connected to my body, and align with what I really desire. I’m now taking more risks and exploring new things, making changes in my day-to-day life that support the Empowered Woman I know I am.

Since meeting Paula, I feel like I’m getting closer to living as who I am becoming; and preparing to launch myself into the life I’ve always desired and never known how to achieve. She is firm and supportive, and gentle and warm.

Her programs are a great investment; she’s like a healer, a mother, and a friend all at the same time!

Anne DeLag – Manhattan, New York City

“I now feel I have more clarity on the work I was meant to do, I feel calmer and have a new found “unapologetic” confidence!”

11418928_10152847734606922_89635106399057157_o“Before working with Paula, I was feeling a little anxious and even though I was successful in so many areas of my life; I still had a mindset based around fear.  I knew something was holding me back but just could not pinpoint where this fear was coming from.

Paula has a true gift of being able to lovingly guide you through a coaching process to help you recognize and get rid of the blocks; transform your way of thinking and reconnect you with your true authentic self! After our sessions together, I honestly felt like a huge weight had been lifted.

I now feel I have more clarity on the work I was meant to do, I feel calmer and have a new found “unapologetic” confidence! I feel more in alignment with myself and I am so excited to see what the future holds for both me and my business going forward.

Thank you so very much Paula. I feel so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with such a supportive, amazing coach and woman. ☺”

Charlotte Olsson Bauer – Connecticut, USA

“I also own my personal value and prices today in a whole new way within my business that allows me to do more of the work I love with the people I love”

DSC_0328-2Before working with Paula, I felt like I was holding myself back from going to my next level of intimacy with finances and the way I related to supporting the growth of my coaching business. There was a piece of me that desired to feel more whole in my life an business, but I knew I could not do this on my own.

Paula embodies her message so beautifully in life and in her business. I knew she had a powerful connection to the financial realm that supports her work consistently and I was also inspired by the way she operates her business. Her confidence, clarity  and power with her own message of beauty clearly proves that she walks her talk – so I knew she was the perfect mentor for me.

My obstacle was around how I was relating to the feminine energy to support me in my life and business. Paula held a very healing space that led to great clarity at the end of every session. I felt safe to explore my truth, my power, and how I really desired to show up in the world through the vehicle of my own business.

One of my biggest accomplishments is that I was able to heal a big piece of my own relationship to the masculine in my life and in my business, which now allows me to be more on purpose on a day-to-day business and aligned with my work.  I also own my personal value and prices today in a whole new way within my business that allows me to do more of the work I love with the people I love.

My favorite part of our program my work with Paula was when I flew down to Argentina to have a private intensive with her! Tango was involved – enough said 🙂

Paula’s style of coaching is grounded in the spiritual realm of life, with a strong presence of the empowered woman that inspires you to be, work, and play at your BEST. She has a very loving way of nudging you toward embracing every part of who you really are and how to be that in the world.

No matter what stage of life or business you are in, Paula’s way of igniting beauty and pleasure is an inspiring and powerful way to tap into who you truly are and how to be that in the world on a day-to-day basis.

Juliet Turalski  – Hoboken, USA

 “I wanted to heal my relationship with beauty and femininity and squash disempowering beliefs I had around femininity, art, beauty, and intuition so that I could successfully “go for it” in my business and career.”

10506636_1429583557326086_1095806129235885729_oWhen I first reached out to Paula, I was transitioning from my corporate management consulting job into entrepreneurship as a graphic designer, and I knew I needed help to make sure that I was approaching my new career with a more authentic {feminine} approach. I was running myself ragged in school and work with the constant “go-go-go” energy characteristic of high-achieving young women who are constantly trying to live up to ridiculously high performance expectations in scholarship, work, and business.

In addition, my new career as a designer is highly intuitive and aesthetic, and I see beauty as a key component of my work. I wanted to heal my relationship with beauty and femininity and squash disempowering beliefs I had around femininity, art, beauty, and intuition {everything that makes me, ME!} so that I could successfully “go for it” in my business and career.

I knew Paula was the right coach for me because she specialized in beauty and feminine principles, plus she was an experienced {and successful} business owner who could understand my unique needs as an entrepreneur. Paula’s style of coaching is superb ~ she holds herself to the highest standards and has a deep and extensive knowledge of her area of expertise. I highly recommend working with her, and opening yourself up to the process of seeing how “beauty” relates to your self-concept, personal value, everything that is TRUE about you as a woman, and how much good you allow yourself to receive in your life.

I’ll admit that I used to have somewhat of an inferiority complex about being “feminine”. I went along with society, believing that my feminine interests such as style, astrology, or putting home and family first in life were “silly”, “weak”, or “unimportant”. Since working with Paula, I now honor these parts of myself. I have eliminated all shame that I used to experience around my desires to pursue my artistic goals instead of climbing the corporate ladder, which has made it easier for me to promote myself in my business. I’m more comfortable in my own skin and I see an abundance of beauty in the world that I never noticed. It’s as if I “see” differently ~ I’ve gone from black-and-white to color!

Stacy Ranya – Manhattan, NYC

“Thanks to her love & support… my chin is clear of acne…I had the courage to move into the house of my dreams… I will be launching my first book in the next couple months… and I am pregnant!”

CarlotaWorking with Paula has been a blissful experience, full of support, connection and love. Not one of the self-development courses, books or mentors I have worked with in the past has helped me achieve so much in such a short period of time. This is why I can´t express the gratitude I feel for allowing myself to invest in Me and for working one to one with someone with the sensibility and comprehension of Paula.

I approached her due to a very persistent case of acne that had been affecting my chin and cheeks for the last 3 years. This was something that was torturing me, as I had never ever suffered from acne (not even during my teens) and had always enjoyed a soft and silky facial skin which was getting ruined by the scars acne was causing. My acne was getting all my attention, as I really didn´t like the reflection the mirror gave me, and I was getting growingly critical with myself.

Little did I know that Paula was going to lead me to a path that stretched far beyond my skin.

From our free discovery session I deeply felt that she would be able to help me in ways that I still didn´t understand, but that no other had been able to do. Despite all our connections were through Skype (because I live in Spain), her presence was as strong as if our sessions were happening face to face.

From our first session together, she ignited something really powerful within me: for the first time I was able to really connect with my inner self: my purest FEMININE ESSENCE and my most sensible side. The repression of this part of myself during my hard working years in a corporate job had left my body exhausted and in need of some attention. The result is that my skin was yelling at me, in a place I could not ignore: my face. My whole body and self was asking for a little attention, and Paula instantly spotted and guided me through the transformation process.

Fast forward 10 weeks: my chin is at last clean and clear from acne (and yes, this was something I could NOT believe.) And there was no magic or expensive creams involved, just the gentle and caressing guidance of Paula, which helped me to listen to what I really needed, rather than what others were expecting from me.

Thanks to her unconditional support, I had the courage to move to the house of my dreams in a new location: near the beach and inside a wonderful national park.

I have been able to really sense and believe that I can live from my purpose in life: help Candida sufferers claim their health back without giving up life´s pleasures. In fact I will be launching my first book in a couple of months!

I have also been able to truly embody my most feminine self, which has transformed my sensual relationship with myself and my partner.

And last, but not least, I have been able to conceive a long lasting dream of mine: be a mother. I am pregnant and happy to be living this pregnancy from a loving and connected space.

Tears roll down my cheeks in gratitude for Paula´s sincere and loving guidance. I can´t recall the last time I connected with someone from such a profound space of respect and love. That´s why I can somehow say that I will be forever connected to her.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Carlota Del Pozo – Andalucía, Spain

“Doors that I never knew existed are opening constantly, and I am feeling my self-worth on a daily basis.”

JuliannaBassWhen I began my work with Paula, I was skeptical at how receptive I would be to the program. I have always been very self-aware, and in the back of my mind I thought I already had all the answers. Yet, I was unhappy and still searching for some sort of vast self-discovery, and Paula was recommended to me, so I decided to go for it.

I assumed that this coaching would be a recap of the same self-love and law of attraction lessons that I had already been exposed to, but I was wrong. While those tools were used, Paula introduced me to a whole new world of truth. My truth.

Through the coaching I learned to trust myself and my own intuition. I was able to develop a self worth that was based on my mere existence as a human being rather than the validation I received from other people, my work, etc. Throughout the process I set strict detox goals for myself and was encouraged and supported by Paula. I was forced to face my personal roadblocks head on without the aid of any crutches.

The outcome was better than I imagined.

I lost weight, but that was just icing on the cake (ironically).

Through this program I developed a clear mind and discovered my voice and truth as a woman, and it is safe to say that I will never be the same again. Doors that I never knew existed are opening constantly, and I am feeling my self-worth on a daily basis.

This experience has allowed me to step into my empowered woman, and I see life now as one giant opportunity instead of one giant hurdle.

Julianna Bass – Berlin, Germany

Update: 3 months after completing her coaching program, Juliana was offered her asking price to design a collection of clothing, working in Berlin Germany. 

“Working with Paula has been a huge blessing to me and I am confident it will be to you as well, if you allow yourself to receive it.”

shanaI have had the pleasure of knowing Paula for several years now and seeing the way she has transformed her life is a constant source of inspiration to me. When I learned about her latest program, I was excited to participate. Since beginning this journey I can honestly say my life has been changing in the most wonderful ways. Learning to allow myself to receive and what it means to operate from the feminine have been invaluable lessons. I have seen the positive results of this coaching in my work, finances and self-care.

Prior to this work with Paula, I was in an almost constant state of fear around money and not having enough. Having read many books on the power of words and thought, I already knew that focusing on lack only produces more lack but that wasn’t enough to break the cycle that had been developed over a lifetime – knowing and believing are two different things. Paula’s introduction of the feminine power was a huge turning point for me because, among many things, I learned that I receive better results when I allow instead of force, relax instead of obsess and care for myself instead of running myself to the point of mental and physical exhaustion. Allowing myself to acknowledge and receive my deepest desires unapologetically has been a game changer. I no longer see money as water in a glass waiting to be swallowed and never seen again but as an ocean constantly flowing in my direction easily, beautifully and without end.

Working with Paula has been a huge blessing to me and I am confident it will be to you as well, if you allow yourself to receive it.

Shana Parsons – New York City, USA